Monday, April 8, 2013

New Product...LACQIT: A One Step Gel Nail Technology for Home Use

At home gel nail systems have caused a BIG BUZZ in the nail and beauty product communities for about the past 3 years.  Why is this phenomenon so important you might ask?  Well, those who visit manicure/pedicure salons are very familiar with the longer lasting polish wear, averaging 14+ days with minimal chipping that gel nail polish offers.  However, the cost averages around $25 and up for ONLY a manicure.  For those who prefer to be budget conscious, realize that $25 every 2 weeks averages to be around $650 per year... AND this is on the LOW end.  Think about how you could redirect that money if you could achieve the same professional look at home.  

Well, the nail industry is making it more affordable with the at home nail systems.  Retailers like Sally's, Ulta, Sephora, and Amazon have showcased brands such as Gelish and Redcarpet. More recently local stores, like WalMart, Walgreens, and CVS have brought attention to SensatioNAIL and other gel systems.  Although, I've never tested any of those brands, a lot of reviews that I've read indicate customer satisfaction.  However, a caveat to those gel systems is the use of 3 polishes (i.e. base coat, gel polish, and top coat) which cures using a UV or LED lamp within 3-5 minutes. 

Since being introduced to the gel nail systems for at home use, I couldn't decide which one to try...not until I ran across a new ONE STEP product in Canada...YES....ONE STEP using a LED lamp.  The product is called LacQit (Pronounced: LAC-IT).

U.S. retailers should take notice of this product, especially before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons because the LacQit system would definitely draw the attention of women from every socio-economic background.  Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so if you are looking for a gift, this would make your mom/wife/sister/friend VERY happy!  Think about it…for the cost of about 3 manicures at a nail salon, they can continuously use this gel nail system at home.  Each 10ml bottle of polish equates to about 30 applications.

LacQit is on Facebook and Pinterest.  The web site is

The application process was as easy as applying 2 coats of regular nail polish, but WITHOUT the long drying time, thanks to the LED lamp.  I’ve done a demonstration of the application process, so check out my video below:

The kits contain the following:

Technologies used
Action on my Nails
LacQit Pro LED Lamp
Cured the nail color. 

  •                  1st coat: cured for 30 seconds
  •              2nd coat: cured for 60 seconds
10 ml Nail Color (Cosmo to Go included in the kit)
Added a high gloss color pigmentation to my nails.
10 ml Moisture Cuticle Oil
Replenished moisture to my cuticle beds after the polishing process.
Nail file
Shaped nails.
Used to remove shine from nails BEFORE applying gel polish.
Cuticle (Manicure) Sticks
Used to push cuticles back BEFORE applying the gel polish.
Used to accurately time the use of the LED lamp to cure gel polish.

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